Massage Girls 18 Melanie Rios

Melanie Rios of massagegirls18 is a dark, sassy brunette who loves to show off in her video. She is waiting in her chair for her next client to come in, bored and ready for something interesting to peak her interest. She is wearing a blue and white floral top with a cut off denim min-skirt that barely covers her buxom bottom. Suddenly, she rips off her top, revealing her red and black lace bra. Her back is to the camera, and it’s a good one. She is tan and her skin is soft, her calfs are shapely, neatly parked on her black high heeled sandals.















She rolls her eyes and turns around, and the massagegirls18 video gets more interesting, as we can see her tits, packed deeply into her satiny bra. Her brown hair is tussled to the side, and, in a burst of massage girls 18 passion, she removes her skirt, leaving her bottom half covered only with her see-through lace panties. Melanie Rios turns around to show us her ass, framed in the lacy edges of her thong. She tosses her skirt on the ground, for it’s no longer something she is interested in hanging on to.

Her massage girls 18 client comes in and lays down on the massage table, and she gets right to work, rubbing him up and down, left and right. She oils him up until he is shining in the intense light of the massage studio. He places his hand on her supple behind and begins to return the massage. Aroused, Melanie Rios rips off her bra and begins to shake her delicate titties up and down for her client. She is getting really wet, and can’t keep her fingers out of her pussy, so she pulls her thong to the side and starts to finger her cunt.








Then, overcome with lust, she grasps her clients hard dick and starts to rub it up and down, giving him the hand job of a life time. She sticks his cock in her mouth and starts to tongue it with real ardor, while fingering her own cunt at the same time. Her pussy is so wet and she can’t stand much more, so she decides to pop onto the table and to sit her puss right down on her clients dick. She arches her back, and, her ass facing her client, she looks back with ferver as she whips her tail bone up and down, wildly riding his huge cock. Download this video in HD now!

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